Meet the Team


Mary-Ann Georgy

Director/Principal Speech Pathologist 

Mary-Ann completed her Bachelor of Speech Pathology degree at La Trobe University and is a Certified member of Speech Pathology Australia. Mary-Ann has been working as a Speech Pathologist in a variety of school settings and private clinics. She specialises in assessing and providing therapy support for children and adolescents with speech sound disorders, receptive and expressive language disorders, Autism Spectrum disorders, stuttering, delayed literacy skills, dyslexia and difficulties with social skills.

She runs social skills groups for children and adolescents who need support to develop their social skills. Mary-Ann is committed to continual lifelong learning to develop her skills. Some of her previous training includes; Hanen-‘More than words’ training, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and the Orton-Gillingham Program. As the director of Sound It Out Speech Pathology, Mary-Ann is committed to helping each family that enters the practice and provide them with the best service and care.


Jennifer Mitchell

Speech Pathologist 

Jen is a passionate Speech Pathologist who seeks to build strong relationships with each child and their family. Jen completed her Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, followed by post-graduate research work in the area of Developmental Psychology. She has her Masters degree in Speech Pathology from The University of Melbourne and is a certified member of Speech Pathology Australia. Jen has an interest across all Speech Pathology practice areas, particularity speech, early language, pre-literacy, social skills and feeding.

Jen has previously worked as an Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapist, creating behaviour change in preschool children on the Autism Spectrum through analysis of behaviour and positive reinforcement. Further, Jen has experience as an Integration Aide, supporting children to integrate and engage in a mainstream school. She has been involved in various voluntary positions, including running social skills groups and bringing support, comfort and fun to children and families during their stay at The Royal Children’s Hospital.


Christine Reskakis

Speech Pathologist 

Christine is a passionate Speech Pathologist who always strives for the best possible outcome for her clients and their families. Christine completed a Bachelor of Health Science with a Major in Rehabilitation Counselling from La Trobe University and a Masters degree in Speech Pathology from The University of Melbourne. She is also a certified member of Speech Pathology Australia.

As a Speech Pathologist, Christine has a holistic approach to therapy and provides family-centred care. She believes in being a continuous learner, always aiming to broaden her scope of knowledge. Christine has an interest in all areas of Speech Pathology including fluency, speech, language, multimodal communication, swallowing, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and voice.


Roshni Kaur

Speech Pathologist 

Roshni (Rosh) is a Speech Pathologist who has a background degree in Psychology. She is passionate about working with children, adolescents and their families to provide a holistic approach to therapy. She has a family centered approach to intervention with a focus on strengthening children’s ability to cope within their environment by fostering their communication skills. Rosh works with clients with a range of communication difficulties including Autism, Attention Deficit Disorders, paediatric stuttering, speech and language delays, literacy and social skills difficulties. She also has experience running social skill groups for children. Rosh works in close collaboration with parents and families to enable the smooth transition of Speech Pathology strategies from the clinical environment into the home and school life.

Rosh has also been involved in various voluntary positions, which incorporated running programs for children, including children with special needs and assisting adults with communication difficulties at St Vincent’s Hospital. Rosh also currently works as a sole clinician in a Primary and Secondary School. She is a certified member of Speech Pathology Australia. Rosh has additional training in: Hanen ‘More than Words’ program, Lidcombe Stuttering Program, Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, Literacy Vitals and Voice and Cleft Palate workshop by Royal Children’s Hospital.


April Lyell

Speech Pathologist 

April Lyell has a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Speech Pathology from La Trobe University. She has a wide variety of Speech Pathology experiences in various settings such as schools, paediatric clinics, community rehabilitation centres and hospitals. April has a passion for working with children and an interest in literacy, speech sound disorders, stuttering and language delay. She has experience with the Lidcombe Program for children who stutter as well as the Hanen Programs ‘More than Words’ and ‘It takes two to talk’ and Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has volunteered in schools to complete a literacy intervention program with Prep students and has worked with children over the past 10 years in children’s programs. 


Anita Mantelos

Speech Pathologist

Anita completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Master of Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne. Anita has an in interest in all areas of Speech Pathology, particularly speech, literacy, social skills, paediatric feeding and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Anita has completed training in Cued Articulation and attended multiple paediatric feeding workshops.

Anita also works as a sole clinician at two primary schools, providing speech and language therapy, and  running a social skills program. Anita is determined to ensure that her sessions are family centered, enjoyable and incorporate fun and engaging activities. She is also a certified member of Speech Pathology Australia.


Leonie Black

Reception Administrator  

Leonie is a valuable asset to our team here at Sound It Out. She is responsible for all our bookings across all sites, payments and is here to answer all your questions over the phone or email. Leonie is excited to share lots of ideas on how we can make our practice more efficient and family focussed. 


Chantelle Oliver

Reception Administrator  

Chantelle is another key asset to our growing team here at Sound It Out. She is very passionate about helping each and every family and is dedicated to making sure all your questions are answered promptly. Although her role is challenging at times, her hard work and dedication is always appreciated.